Combining branding and publicity for consumers 

Edelman’s Consumer team developed a platform that communicates with consumers and builds trust based on the years of brand marketing experiences. Also, puts a lot of effort in the core value of clients which is communicating with consumers through clear messages, transparent communication through multi-channel. Consumer team is promoting consumer goods and leading an effective brand promotion through product marketing, consulting and brand strategy communications, and consumer campaigns and promotions. Consumer team also plans marketing campaigns that reflects consumers’ interests.

  • ABC: Executed the 'Charge Your Day' campaign to deliver nutritional facts about almonds and other health-related messages
  • Diageo: Launched Hague Club Single Grain Whiskey and managed promotional activities around the brand 
  • SCJ F-Killer, Ziploc: Managed annual IMC PR campaign to improve brand credibility and preference
  • OB Beer: Launched Korea's first full-wheat beer, 'Premier OB Weizen
  • Our Home: Launched campaign for 'Food Empire,' a restaurant zone within the Incheon International Airport duty-free area
  • Sunkist: Launched annual PR campaign 'Sunkist Moment Everyday' 
  • Durex: Managed corporate social responsibility campaign to build a ’Healthy Sex Culture’
  • Hyundai Motors: Managed promotional activities around Hyundai's sponsorship of the Korean bobsleigh national team
  • McDonald’s: Managed PR & MKT promotion for brand and CSR for local market
  • Eucerin: PR and SNS MKT communication management for local market
  • Line Friends: PR and Digital communication management for Local and Global market
  • Oakley: Managed PR & MKT promotion for brand and CSR for local market
  • LabNo: Ran a digital marketing campaign to raise brand awareness and sales promotion