Changing the ways of communication with digital technologies

Edelman's Digital team consists of digital communications experts who develop strategies that create value with consumers, using a mix of digital channels and branded messages, the digital team focuses on dynamic storytelling to bring consumer closer to brands.

  • Samsung Electronics Global Newsroom: Established and managed Samsung’s Global Newsroom based on Brand Journalism
  • Samsung Mobile Press: Established and managed newsroom as a content hub for global media with creative visual materials
  • Korea Tourism Organization: Executed global ad and media owned channel in order to promote Korean tourism awareness and preference
  • ABC: Deployed digital campaigns to raise awareness around almond's health benefits
  • Sunkist: Managed a digital campaign around the nutritional benefits of Sunkist's key ingredients, oranges and lemons
  • HP: Ran HP's digital channels to launch new products and generate positive awareness
  • Samsung Mobile Lifestyle: Initiated PR activities such as press publicity, media management, media collaboration, sampling, etc.
  • GS Caltex: Managed global newsroom, global PR, and run digital campaigns
  • Ferrari: Managed local channel, distribute contents through the ad, and run digital campaigns
  • Line Friends: Developed digital contents which show the brand’s key message based on seasonal momentum
  • SK Telecom: Established a verbal identity for customer-friendly message delivery
  • Paradise City: Established and managed digital communication channel and digital promotion campaigns
  • AB Inbev: Initiated offline brand event and influencer programs
  • Marina Bay Sands Content Marketing: Created and managed online marketing PR campaigns
  • Samsung Printing Solutions: Managed social media channels based on the Brand Journalism
  • POSCO: Managed social media channels to enhance global awareness and preference level
  • Samsung C&T Global Newsroom: Established and managed Global Newsroom, Content Producing, SEO management
  • Eucerin: Launched digital campaigns to strengthen brand awareness and increase sales