Providing optimal solutions for successful public engagement

Edelman's Government Affairs team knows how to interpret the rapidly changing internal and external environment and provides differentiated services to meet its clients' needs. We provide a spectrum of services including, public institutional communication, public affairs, PI strategy and implementation, national campaign support, stakeholder management and crisis management.

  • PyeongChang Winter Olympics: Established a comprehensive PR strategy for promoting the PyeongChang Winter Olympics nationally and internationally
  • Globalization of Korean Food: Executed a campaign to promote Korean cuisine and culture across Asia, the U.S. and Europe 
  • Emirates Airlines: Executed a campaign to promoted the airline overseas
  • Visit Korea Committee: Promoted the committee's '2016-2018 Visit Korea Year' and 'K-Smile' campaigns with a goal of 20 million tourists to South Korea
  • Korea Radioactive Waste Agency: Provided consulting services around the public acceptance of the disposal of domestic radioactive waste 
  • MEDEI: Promoted the Ministry of Economic Development, Employment & Infrastructure Tours in Ontario
  • CropTrust (World Crop Diversity Foundation): Awareness-building activities to raise funds in Korea
  • Ministry of National Defense: PR consulting on major policies and activities of Ministry of National Defense
  • Ministry of Gender Equality and Family: Annual promotion of the ministry’s major policies and IMC activities to enhance awareness
  • Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency: Annual promotion to increase the value and outcome of the agency
  • Korean Hydro & Nuclear Power: Annual PR consulting on current affairs and positioning strategy for energy companies
  • Korea Tourism Organization: Provide IMC services to strengthen its crowd funding program aimed at supporting small tourism-related businesses
  • Korea Airports Corporation: Provide annual PR strategies to raise the brand value of the corporation
  • Supreme Public Prosecutors’ Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korea Gas Corporation: Provided consulting services for brand image enhancement
  • Mongolian National Branding Council: Developed BI and slogan to build Mongolia’s nation brand