Communication for a healthier tomorrow

Edelman’s Healthcare team provides professional consulting services for establishing and implementing effective communication strategies in the health and pharmaceutical sectors. Healthcare team comprises PR specialists with expertise and experience in healthcare who offer differentiated communications approaches to help clients achieve their business goals, and executes communications in all areas of healthcare, from marketing and promoting ethical drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and medical devices to strengthening corporate reputations through health-related public campaigns, issues and crisis management, CSR support, government relations, and key stakeholder mapping and management.

  • Allergan CoolSculpting: Planned and implemented an integrated marketing campaign for successful re-launch of the fat-freezing, fat-reduction device
  • Allergan Juvederm: Launched a branding campaign through collaboration (art exhibition) with portrait artists
  • Amgen Corporate PR: Successfully launched Amgen Korea, a global biotech pharmaceutical company
  • AstraZeneca Tagrisso: Delivered Tagrisso’s value as the first-line treatment for non-small cell lung cancer and improved its market leadership
  • Bayer Xarelto: Executed a successful product launch in the Korean market and improved its leadership
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Jardiance & Trajenta: Executed a successful launch and product branding of Jardiance in the highly competitive domestic diabetes market
  • Celltrion Healthcare: Developed marketing materials for European conferences, HCP, and patients
  • GSK Sensodyne, Parodontax, Polident: Strengthened customer experience through successful branding and offline activities
  • Lilly CSR: Planned and implemented the world’s largest one-day CSR activity in celebration of ‘Global Day of Service (GDOS)" for the local communities
  • MSD Corporate PR: Localized and implemented MSD Global's new corporate mission using various PR channels
  • Novartis CSR 'Do-gather Campaign’: Realized the ‘Caring & Curing’ corporate mission through the single-parent family health promotion campaign
  • Pfizer Advil: Executed an on- and offline campaign to raise brand awareness and strengthen customer experience
  • Pfizer CSR 'Healthy Ageing Campaign’: Realized social discourse on aging into the ‘Healthy Ageing’ campaign
  • Pfizer Ibrance: Successfully launched the metastatic breast cancer treatment ‘Ibrance’ and created an atmosphere for improvement of social policies
  • Pfizer Lyrica, Neurontin: Launched an integrated marketing campaign to raise awareness of neuropathic pain and improve the treatment environment
  • Pfizer Prevenar 13: Delivered accurate information on pneumococcal vaccine and differentiated branding of product competitiveness
  • The Korean Society of Neonatology 'Preemie Hope Campaign': Launched a communications program to reduce prejudice against premature babies and create an environment for social policy for the health of premature babies