For over six decades, we have helped build and position some of the biggest corporate and product brands in the world. Today, Edelman is recognized as a leader in helping clients to engage in constructive social dialogue internationally on some of the most critical issues of the day.

We believe that public affairs excellence focuses on building and managing long-term stakeholder relationships that are based on trust. We help clients navigate their institutional relationships, engage constructively in policy discussions and build meaningful public/private partnerships to drive their solutions for the most important societal issues.

With over 275 public affairs practitioners across the global Edelman network of 65 offices, we have significant public affairs teams in all of the major political capitals of the world, including Washington D.C., Brussels, Jakarta, New Delhi, London, Berlin, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Mexico City, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Madrid and Kuala Lumpur. Our global team can deliver effective public affairs campaigns across developed and developing markets, political and economic systems and environments with varying levels of communications openness and sophistication.

With this truly global perspective, Edelman's Public Affairs practice has a forward-looking insight into the trends shaping the environment our clients operate in and the strategies used to influence it. There are a number of key political and economic trends, including the rise in the influence of non-state actors, the weakening of public trust in governments and democracy, a rapid advance in technological developments and the increasing threat of global societal issues that are shaping the way companies build long-term stakeholder relations, influence policy and build trust within society.

In other words, a significant transformation of power is in progress that affects policy decision-making. From a communications perspective, this means that the hierarchies of old are being replaced by more trusted peer-to-peer, horizontal networks. A new public opinion animated by citizens and consumers through real-time communication is disrupting intermediation and the traditional levers of power.