By unlocking how people think, and what inspires action, we fuel our clients with powerful points of connection with their target audiences – helping them evolve, promote and protect their brands and reputations.

We conduct competitive analyses so our clients understand the full picture of their market environment  – identifying unique opportunities, stance and positioning for brands and businesses. Our team ensures that these positions are differentiated and resonate with the right audience to rise above the noise.

Edelman Intelligence, our integrated research, analytics and measurement division, is deeply interconnected for agility and client-centricity. Comprised of 200 analysts, consultants, data scientists, and storytellers, our skill sets and expertise cut across every type of research and industry.

While the Edelman Predictive Intelligence Centre conducts research and development into new approaches to communications marketing planning using predictive and intelligent technologies. The Centre addresses a gap in the data analytics market, deploying behavioral science to help brands improve their understanding of human behavior and the motivations that influence and inform people’s decision-making. The team gains deep understanding of the consumer’s psyche to understand what makes them trust a brand or another person. From these actionable insights we can deliver change programs that influence and shape behavior and habits.

We are committed to ensuring that insights, research and data analytics are an integral part of our client counsel and programming, while maintaining ethical practices in the collection and management of data and ensuring our standards are in compliance with GDPR and other regulations.

Whether it is helping to optimize a messaging strategy, or deploying real-time measurement and analytics to track the success of a new campaign, we are pushing the envelope every day to bridge science + art in the world of Communications Marketing.