Technology changing the world

Edelman's Technology team helps technology companies communicate with their consumers and build their reputations as industry leaders, both nationally and internationally. The team has experience in both inbound and outbound communication strategies to help strengthen companies' place in the marketplace -- as domestic providers, as well as overseas. 

  • SK Telecom: Planned and executed 'Social Relay for Right Use of SNS' campaign 
  • SK Telecom: Developed global PR strategies to increase global awareness of SK Telecom's as a leader in the industry
  • AMD: Executed a campaign to increase corporate awareness and leverage various brands
  • Samsung Electronics Mobile: Strengthened domestic and overseas reputation and launched several new products globally
  • Nokia: Promoted re-branding to increase awareness
  • Autodesk: Implemented a multi-channel communication campaign to increase corporate awareness and strengthen industry leadership
  • King: Launched CandyCrush game supported several franchised game campaigns
  • HP Korea: Planned and executed PR campaigns to launch and promote new commercial and gaming PC products, Collaboration with influencers in tech industry   
  • AMD: Executed PR campaigns to enhance corporate awareness through successful promotion of new products (CPU, GPU, etc.) and social channel activation
  • Autodesk: Planned and executed PR campaigns to launch and promote new commercial and gaming PC products
  • Automation Anywhere: Implemented corporate positioning and branch manager PI for leadership of the RPA industry
  • HDAC: Strengthened leadership as a blockchain solution company through domestic and overseas PR
  • Xbox: Implemented domestic PR including new product launch media events
  • Doosan Robotics: Enhanced global recognition through newsroom content development and exhibition support
  • SOCAR: Planned and executed of PR activities to expand media coverage quantitatively/qualitatively and increase awareness of ‘car-sharing’
  • MISO: Developed start-up PR strategies and consulting services to enhance corporate awareness and home-cleaning O2O services recognition
  • Spinnaker Support: Executed PR campaigns to increase corporate awareness and support business expansion to local market