Brand communication in the digital age is anything but simple. Because information gets disseminated through a countless number of channels, it is inevitable for grammatical errors and an improper use of language to occur. This has caused a lot of complaints from customers and even escalated into social issue in some cases. As a preventative measure, many companies, like SK Telecom, have been implementing a brand style guide. 

The problem was that SKT had been struggling with getting their employees to actually refer to the guideline. And simply reviewing messages against it before sending them out wasn't going to fix the issue ⁠— there was a need for a more fundamental solution. That is why we created an animated series "Sotong Gat", or Communication God, to educate the SKT staff about proper language use in a fun and engaging way (Sotong means communication and Gat refers to a traditional hat that male scholars of the Joseon dynasty used to wear. Gat also shares the same pronunciation as God).